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Here, we would like to answer some questions we have been getting over the years. This will make it simpler for new customers and returning customers to find answers to any questions they may have about any Lifted Jigs products. 

Question: What size and hook do we use on the Ned Ewg?

For the Ned Ewg we use a 1/0-2/0 VMC hook. The reason we use a hook of this size is because it is used in mainly finesse situations. We understand that many of the Ned Ewg users use this product in many situations, that is why use a standard gauge hook and not a light wire.  A smaller hook for finesse but a tighter and thicker gauge for less chances of bending the hook in normal situations. 

Question: Do we do custom colors?

In short, Yes. Though we do require a minimum amount per purchase. Please contact with your request.

Question: How long does it take to get an order?

We work hard to get customers their order as soon as they place it. Usually we ship it out same day depending on the items. Though expect to see a tracking information email in your inbox within 3-5 Business Days. Then it is up to the post office after that.


If you are looking to inquire about an order please email your order number and information to

Question: Does Lifted Jigs send out tracking information on orders?

Yes, as long as you provide a valid email address when you place your order, every order will get email notification with a tracking number once it ships. Please allow the postal carrier one day to load it into their system to get accurate information.

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